• Seeding fresh ideas for innovative processes
  • Communicating with heart ~ inclusive & open dialogue
  • Collaborating and co-creating evolutionary synergy
  • Developing strong voices accessing wisdom within all
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New program developed by Kris Steinnes

Sacred Women Travel!

Next trip is to India, in January 2020.  We’ll travel to Dehli, Rishikesh, sacred city on the Ganges River, Taj Mahal, and the Rajasthan desert region. Visit the event page for more information. http://krysalisleadership.com/events/

Join Kris for a trip to Kenya in September 2020.  Journey includes safaris plus talking circles with Kenyan women!  Visit the event page for more information. http://krysalisleadership.com/events/

Register soon for this trip of a lifetime!

Contact Kris at ksteinnes@gmail.com

Are you ready for a change, desire higher productivity and value creative solutions for your business and your people?

You are invited by Kris Steinnes to this online video webinar series!

  • Embracing the New Leadership Paradigm
  • How to step into your confidence & unleash the leader within!
  • Classes are recorded so you won’t miss a class!  
  • Limited size to enable us to have an intimate talking circle experience.
  •  Mondays, 5:30pm pacific time

Click here for more information and to register: http://krysalisleadership.com/webinar/

Empowerment Circles: 

Looking for support in creating your next project? Join Kris in an Empowerment Circle!  A feminine model of a Mastermind Group that will catapult you further towards your goals.

Click here for more information http://krysalisleadership.com/events/

Welcome to Krysalis Leadership


CONNECTION with others for a shared purpose through truthful & open dialogues

CHANGE for more effective systems that empower leaders and resolve conflicts

CREATIVITY through collaborative processes that motivate and excite team participation

At Krysalis Leadership we are committed to:

BRING NEW LIFE to your organization by tapping into the collective wisdom that emerges from an organic co­creative process, fostering leadership in everyone.

INSPIRE everyone to contribute their specific gifts for the highest good of the company and for their own personal development and fulfillment.

FACILITATE the challenging shift from an old culture that’s not serving you anymore to an inclusive paradigm that honors and respects diversity.

  • Discover the heart of your organization’s purpose and strengths
  • Recognize and heal the core issues that impair productivity
  • Honor and respect everyone’s unique voice Access the creative potential within all
  • Acknowledge everyone’s individual leadership style
  • Build strong connections among team
  • Create an environment that supports emerging leaders

Vision of Krysalis Leadership

Everyone is a leader and have gifts to share with the world. As we change the structure of our corporations and organizations to one of collaboration and co-creation, and we bring a balance between process and action/feminine and masculine attributes, we will see a shift towards healing our planet of the many difficult issues that we now face. We see leaders in every seat contributing to the greater good of our society.

Contact Krysalis Leadership today for a conversation on how we can work together to:

  1. Facilitate creative dialogue to craft shared purposes and values
  2. Identify undefined issues and engage in co­creative conflict solutions and policies
  3. Create a safe environment for everyone’s voice to be expressed and witnessed, facilitating the healing of wounds and frictions between members

Benefits to your organization


  • Allow those in conflict to speak their perspective safely
  • Reveal the truths underlying problems
  • Create processes where everyone contributes to the solutions
  • Move stagnancy to collaboration/creativity
  • Ignite the synergy of individual contributions to inspire innovation


  • Use dialogue and inquiry to discover weak or missing policies and procedures
  • Clearly communicate what is expected of individuals to fulfill their role
  • Develop listening skills that will allow for all voices to be heard
  • Discover how to be inclusive and bring out the best in everyone
  • Acknowledge how heart wisdom enhances brain power
  • Motivate people through engaging their core values


  • Acknowledge the importance of each individual’s voice and contributions
  • Value everyone’s gifts, passions, strengths
  • Recognize the diverse leadership styles needed for successful collaboration
  • Allow for a rotation of leaders to broaden skilled platforms of expertise


We’re all familiar with the masculine model of action and linear thinking, which is needed in the workplace. What is often left out of the daily operations are the feminine processes within each of us that are vital to sustaining a healthy organization.

  • Intuition. The knowingness of what feels right.
    Creativity. From a heart centered place instead of the mind.
  • Inclusively. Value all voices contributing to the whole.
  • Expansive Space. Allowing time for processes to evolve.
  • Value of the Process, not just the product.
  • Women of Wisdom

    Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women
    Click here to purchase your WOW book

  • Voices of Women Radio Show Host
    Fridays, 1:00pm Pacific Time
    Listen to inspiring stories by women
    Live stream and archive shows


  • Unleash The Leader Within!

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  • Testimonials

    When I think of Kris, the following words come to mind: Natural leader, visionary, supportive, open to new ideas, dedicated, collaborative, fun, knows how to get things done, and a joy to work with. Anything that Kris does or is involved with is successful.

    C W